Wills, trusts & estate planning

Expert legal advice for lifelong peace of mind

We appreciate that taking the first step towards putting your personal affairs in order can be daunting. However, seeking legal advice at the earliest-possible opportunity is highly recommended. Our experienced team understands the sensitivities involved in planning for the future. We help you identify the issues relevant to you. Together, we can map the best way forward to ensure that you have all necessary measures in place. We aim to put you in control and to give you the comfort of knowing that everything is in hand.

Professional guidance on making your will

Making a will can be more straightforward than you think. Let our skilled professionals lead you through the process. Carrying out a careful review of your individual circumstances and wishes allows us to provide you with insightful advice on the most appropriate form of will for you. Having an expertly drafted will in place not only ensures that your wishes are followed but can also result in more favourable tax treatment for your estate. At Maclaine & Co, we are experts in our field, trusted by generations of families to deliver high-quality legal advice and exemplary levels of client care.

Demystifying family trusts

Clients are often reluctant to set up trusts, because they consider them to be too complex. Maclaine & Co has been providing clients with clear and concise advice on trusts for generations. We carefully consider whether a trust can help our clients meet their objectives. Where a trust is appropriate, our highly trained lawyers identify the most suitable structure and tailor it to the client’s specific requirements. So, why would you need a trust? We often write clients’ life insurance policies in trust. This allows their loved ones to have quick access to funds ahead of their estate being finalised, providing financial stability at a difficult time. Other trust structures provide flexibility for changing family circumstances. These can be set up during a person’s lifetime or in their will and provide an element of control over who can benefit from the trust and at what time. Trusts can also be a useful vehicle for tax planning.

Protecting assets and family wealth

Maclaine & Co has the expert knowledge and years of experience to advise in the niche area of wealth preservation and tax mitigation. Contact our specialist team now for insightful advice on protecting your assets and managing your inheritance tax risk. We can work collaboratively with your other professional advisers to help you devise and implement the strategies you need to fulfil your objectives. Properly drafted wills and trusts, together with appropriate investment and insurance choices, provide clients with opportunities to pass the full benefit of their assets on to future generations. Our experienced team also uses trusts to help business owners plan for critical life events. We can put in place legal structures which allow both financial provision for dependants and the continuity of the business following the loss of a stakeholder.

For empathetic, personalised and professional legal advice on all matters relating to wills, trusts and estate planning, Maclaine & Co is the ideal choice for you.

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