December 30, 2022

The Private Tenancies Act 2022: New laws for Private Landlords

Trainee Solicitor Caitriona Fitzpatrick explains......

The Private Tenancies Act (NI) 2022 has created new laws that will affect what you and your tenants are obligated to do. The main changes in the law that you must be aware of are the new Notice to Quit periods. This is how much notice you must give a tenant before ending their tenancy.

This quick guide will outline the new Notice to Quit periods for you and your tenant, how these Notice to Quit periods may change again in the future, and what other new obligations you may have under the new law.

New Notice to Quit Periods

Landlords must give;

  • 4 weeks notice for tenancies lasting less than one year
  • 8 weeks notice for tenancies lasting between one and ten years
  • 12 weeks notice for tenancies lasting more than ten years

Tenants must give:

  • 4 weeks notice if they’ve rented the property for less than ten years
  • 12 weeks notice if they’ve rented the property for ten years or more

Likely Future Changes to the Law

Further regulations that may be brought into force in future are likely to outline exceptions to notice periods. For example, future regulations could allow for exceptions to notice periods if a tenant is:

  • Committing serious antisocial behaviour
  • Convicted of certain criminal offences
  • In substantial rent arrears on your property.

The new Private Tenancies Act also allows for the implementation of longer notice to quit periods. These periods could become as long as:

  • 8 weeks for a tenancy of less than one year
  • 7 months for tenancies of eight years or more

Landlords should also be prepared for other new regulations that may come into force in the near future. Changes you should watch out for are:

  • Higher safety standards
  • Information that must be provided to tenants regarding their tenancy
  • A cap on rent increases
  • A cap on deposit amounts

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