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Insightful advice on energy & telecoms law

With the government making long-term commitments to more-sustainable and cleaner energy sources and also striving to improve digital communication infrastructure, there has been a marked increase in both private individuals and business clients seeking our advice in relation to these niche areas of law.

Keeping an eye on emerging industry sectors

There has been significant investment in both onshore wind turbines and solar energy in the last decade. This is set to continue as the government aims to meet its long-term net-zero climate commitments, including the roll-out of the next generation of low-emission energy apparatus.

As the technology sector mobilises to deliver ultra-fast services, including gigabit broadband and 5G technology on demand across the whole of Northern Ireland, the government has pledged to support the industry by removing barriers to investment and reducing the bureaucracy impeding the roll-out of services. Recent legislation has been weighted significantly in favour of the telecommunications companies, to the detriment of landowners.

Clear advice to help you make informed decisions

At Maclaine & Co, we can help you make the right decisions. If you are approached by an energy company or a telecommunications operator with proposals to site apparatus on your property, or your existing arrangements are coming to an end, you should seek the advice of one of our expert team immediately. Let us guide you through the risks, so as to help you avoid the pitfalls. Knowing your legal rights and, more importantly, the powers of the operator companies is a must before you sign on that dotted line.

How can we help?

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