Mental capacity

Act now to plan for your future needs

It is never easy to contemplate a time when you may not be capable of managing your day-to-day finances. However, at Maclaine & Co, we will always encourage clients to be proactive and plan for unforeseen life events. Mental incapacity can arise in a variety of circumstances, from a sudden injury or illness to age-related medical conditions. Our experienced team can advise you on putting in place appropriate structures to ensure that your financial affairs and daily needs are attended to by someone you trust and have chosen for this role.

Keeping you in control

We will help you make the choices that best suit your individual circumstances. From selecting the people you trust to imposing specific conditions on how and when they act, we allow you to exercise more control over how your affairs are dealt with if you lose capacity in the future. We have all the expertise and experience you need. Generations of families trust us to help them arrange their affairs, and clients often reflect on how much peace of mind they receive from having appropriate arrangements in place.

Supporting you and your family every step of the way

We understand that having to accept that a relative may no longer be able to look after his or her finances can be difficult and upsetting. The right decisions need to be made, often under pressure. Let our highly trained professionals guide you with empathy and sensitivity to ensure that your loved one’s best interests are protected. Our team has decades of experience of the legal procedures in this area. We also frequently support clients by helping them deal with other professionals, such as medical practitioners and social workers, who may become involved.

How can we help?

Send us your contact information and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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